Welcome to Miller Mountain!

We are a small veteran-owned business located outside of Hendersonville Tennessee. Our sauces are made by a disabled veteran and sold by me, (a 30 yr Coast Guard Veteran).

Having 4 children and 3 Grandchildren,(hoping another is on the way) we learned to live off the land that God has blessed us with.

My wife and I grew up in a small town in Nebraska, the plains!!! Throughout my tours in the US Coast Guard, we have been all over the country, mostly in coastal regions.  5 Tours in the Middle East, Bosnia, Haiti and so on. When we were assigned to Nashville Tennessee to work the Inland Rivers, it was exciting as I had always been exposed to the ocean and always asked, “Why is the Coast Guard here?”.  My response is that the Coast is clear and safe so we moved inland!! Rivers are wonderful.  We’ve lived in several different places in the Nashville area and decided to settle in on a 17-acre property with a log home.  Loving barbeque, we couldn’t have picked a better state or county to settle into.

While dining out on several occasions, my wife (Deirdre Miller) would bring her own barbeque sauce to dining establishments as she loved the food but the sauce– not so much!  We decided to make a run at it and establish our own sauces that we have tried with about anything you can barbeque and it won the seal of approval.  We are blessed to have this property, have lived off this property by taking our own game, turkey, deer and squirrels, all which have proven that all our sauces have done great with.

Now, back to Miller Mountain! As I said earlier, we both grew up on the plains of Nebraska, under Chimney Rock, an Oregon Trail landmark.  We didn’t have the mountains of Tennessee and where we reside now, I wouldn’t call them Mountains, but they are to us damn Yankees. We love it and plan to stay.

We would like to thank you for supporting a veteran owned small business and your love and support in our business and regardless if it’s ours or another veteran owned business, we pray that you will always support veteran-owned businesses as they gave you that right to choose!!

I hope you love and enjoy our Sauces as much as we do and hope you enjoy the taste of “Miller Mountain”